Jones, Jeffrey F. Attorney

Jones, Jeffrey F. Attorney from Boston Massachusetts works as Education Lawyers, Media & Communications Lawyers, Transportation & Public Utilities Lawyers, and Trial Lawyers. Feel free to contact us at the following contact information.

111 Huntington Avenue at Prudential Center Boston Massachusetts, 02199
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Specialties of Jones, Jeffrey F. Attorney:
  • Education Lawyers
  • Media & Communications Lawyers
  • Transportation & Public Utilities Lawyers
  • Trial Lawyers
Education Lawyers: Education law is the body of state and federal law that covers teachers, schools, school districts, school boards, and the students they teach. Although the public school system is administered by the federal Department of Education, states are responsible for maintaining and operating public schools in compliance with state and federal laws. Education laws govern liability, curriculum standards, testing procedures, school finance, student financial aid, constitutional rights like school prayer and the bounds of student expression on school grounds, and school safety.

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