Sean Smallwood

Sean Smallwood is in Orlando divorce attorney representing residents of the Central Florida area including Orange County and surrounding cities. We represent our clients in divorce, alimony, property division, child custody, annulment, prenuptial agreements, paternity establishment, fathers rights, and more.

390 North Orange Ave., Suite 2300-M Orlando Florida, 32801
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Last updated 2020-04-11

Specialties of Sean Smallwood:
  • Divorce Lawyers
Divorce Lawyers: A divorce is the legal termination of a marriage by a court in a legal proceeding, requiring a petition or complaint for divorce (or dissolution in some states) by one party.There are two types of divorce-- fault and no-fault. A fault divorce is a judicial termination of a marriage based on marital misconduct or other statutory cause requiring proof in a court of law by the divorcing party that the divorcee had done one of several enumerated things as sufficient grounds for the divorce. All states now have adopted some form of no-fault divorce; although some such as New York, restrict the availability of no-fault divorce and retain fault divorce generally. A no-fault divorce is one in which neither party is required to prove fault, and one party must allege and testify only that either irretrievable breakdown of the marriage or irreconcilable differences between the parties makes termination of the marriage appropriate. Many states continue to offer a separation agreement or decree, under which the right to cohabitation is terminated but the marriage is not dissolved and the marital status of the parties is unaltered.

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