The Otapan, the controversial asbestos-laden ship sent to a shipyard in Izmir for dismantling from the Netherlands, is now waiting off the coast of Cesme, an Aegean coastal town, for the fulfillment of official procedures. Spokesman for an organization specializing in preventing the dismantling of dangerous ships, lawyer Arif Ali Cangi said that the ship is indeed anchored and waiting near Cesme. He reports Turkish officials have gone as far as to board the ship and examine it firsthand. Cangi noted that the Turkish Ministry of Environment has allowed one week for a reply from the government of the Netherlands about the Otapan. "We believe that the ship will approach Aliaga and wait there about two miles away from the province. The ship will be subjected to customs procedures or will be sent back, depending on the reply of the Netherlands." Cangi, stressing that he does not accept the Dutch government's ignorance about the amount of the asbestos in the ship, said: "Authorities in the Netherlands certainly must know the amount of asbestos contained in the ship since there are reports about the ship signed by the Dutch government.
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