Negative ads spin into suit in Foley race
A campaign advertisement authorized by U.S. Rep. Mark Foley made "false, reckless and defamatory claims" that his Democratic challenger, Tim Mahoney, shipped jobs overseas as a computer company executive, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday in Palm Beach County Court by Mahoney. But Foley's negative advertisement, which hit television airwaves Tuesday, came in response to one broadcast by Mahoney two weeks ago, said Jason Kello, Foley's spokesman. Foley's ad responded to inaccurate or misrepresented claims made in Mahoney's advertisement about Foley's position on privatizing Social Security and increasing Medicaid premiums, Kello said. The suit shows Mahoney can "dish it out, but he can't take it," Kello said. Foley, a Fort Pierce Republican who has served 12 years in Congress, represents U.S.
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