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Since 1988, the Arnold Law Firm has been protecting the rights of accident victims throughout Sacramento County. Our team of personal injury trial lawyers have recovered millions of dollars in compensation on behalf of our clients and we charge no upfront fees to handle your personal injury compensation claim.

865 Howe Avenue Sacramento California, 95825
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Specialties of Arnold Law Firm:
  • Accident Lawyers
  • Employment & Labor Lawyers
Accident Lawyers: The word accident is not a technical legal term with a clearly defined meaning. Speaking generally, but with reference to legal liabilities, an accident means any unintended and unexpected occurrence which produces hurt or loss. But it is often used to denote any unintended and unexpected loss or hurt apart from its cause; and if the cause is not known the loss or hurt itself would certainly be called an accident. The word accident is also often used to denote both the cause and the effect, no attempt being made to discriminate between them.

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